Casco NOS NS-7C

Designed and developed in Italy by
BER Racing Europe S.r.l.

Simply the “non plus ultra” of the NOS Range in terms of protection, comfort, customization and technology, NS-7C Carbon is dedicated to those riders who don’t want any compromise.

Every single Carbon Shell is completely hand-made by specialized technicians in order to ensure the perfect positioning and coupling of every component.

Thanks to this we are able to obtain an extremely rigid and resistant shell, without negatively affecting the weight of the helmet which is only 1.250 grams.

The Inner Shell is built using two different densities of EPS to maximize the absorption capacity of the helmet, while the hand-sewn inner liner can be completely customized to fit perfectly the head of the rider.







Calotta esterna

- Realizzata in HCComposite


Calotta interna

- EPS a due densità differenziate

- 3 differenti misure di calotta



- Realizzati in SuperDry-Fresh, tessuto ultra-traspirante ed antimicrobico

- Completamente removibili, lavabili e personalizzabili


Sistema di ritenzione

- A doppia D con imbottitura soft touch


Sistema visiera

- A sgancio rapido con sistema SR e trattamento Anti-Scratch



- Filtro ottico ad alta capacità oscurante (95%UV)

- Trattamento Anti-Scratch


Sistema di Ventilazione

- MACH-Efficiency

- Presa d’aria maggiorata in immissione

- Due prese d’aria in emissione



Calota exterior

- Realizada en HCComposite


Calota interior

- EPS a dos densidades diferenciadas

- 3 differentes medidas de calota interiores



- Realizados en SuperDry-Fresh, tejido ultra-transpirante y antimicrobiano

- Completamente extraíble, lavable y personalizable


Sistema de retención

- Sistema de retención Doble D soft touch


Sistema pantalla

- A desenganche rápido con Sistema SR y tratamiento Anti-Scratch



- Filtro óptico a alta capacidad oscurante (95% UV)

- Tratamiento Antiscratch


Sistema de Ventilaciòn

- MACH-Efficiency

- Toma de aire en entrada

- Dos en emisión



Outer Shell

- Realized in HCComposite


Inner Shell

- EPS realized in two different densities

- 3 different shell sizes


Inner Line

- Realized in SuperDry-Fresh anti-microbial ultra-transpirant fabric

- Fully removable, washable and customizable


Chin Strap

- Double D ring with soft touch pad


Visor System

- Quick release SR System with anti-scratch treatment



- High-capacity darkening optical filter (95%UV)

- Anti-Scratch treatment


Ventilation System

- MACH-Efficiency

- Maximized air intake

- Two emission air ducts



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