Designed and developed in Italy by
BER Racing Europe S.r.l.

Dedicated to those riders who cannot be satisfied with a standard helmet,

NS-1C Carbon represents the pinnacle of the technology achieved by NOS in the production of helmets.

Its hand-made Carbon Fiber shell and the multiple densities EPS liner ensure a level of protection at the top of the category, leaving you just the sense of pleasure and freedom that only an Open Face helmet can guarantee.






Calotta esterna

- Realizzata in HCComposite

- 2 differenti misure di calotta


Calotta interna

- EPS a due densità differenziate

- 3 differenti misure di calotta



- Realizzati in SuperDry-Fresh, tessuto ultra-traspirante ed antimicrobico

- Completamente removibili, lavabili e        personalizzabili


Sistema di ritenzione

- A doppia D con imbottitura soft touch



- Filtro ottico ad alta capacità oscurante (95%UV)

- Trattamento Anti-Scratch


Sistema di Ventilazione

- Multiple Inner Channels



Calota exterior

- Realizada en HCComposite

- 2 differentes medidas de calota


Calota interior

- EPS a dos densidad diferenciadas

- 3 differentes medidas de calota interiores



- Realizados en Super-Dry-Fresh, tejido ultra-transpirante y antimicrobiano

- Completamente extraíble, lavable y personalizable


Sistema de retención

- Sistema de retención Doble D soft touch



- Filtro óptico a alta capacidad oscurante (95% UV)

- Tratamiento Anti-Scratch


Sistema de Ventilaciòn

- Multiple Inner Channels


Outer Shell

- Realized in HCComposite

- 2 different shell sizes


Inner Shell

- EPS realized in two different densities

- 3 different shell sizes


Inner Liner

- Realized in SuperDry-Fresh, anti-microbial ultra-transpirant fabric

- Fully removable, washable and customizable


Chin Strap

- Double D ring with soft touch pad



- High-capacity darkening optical filter (95%UV)

- Anti-Scratch treatment


Ventilation System

- Multiple Inner Channels


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